Research Blog

My work is a print informed experiment. I like to find the meaning of the medium and tinker with its definition.


Art could be described as an agent of change, a space where the act of making something predetermines the changes happening in the present moment. Defining this in an art practice can be illusive and almost impossible to determine.

My work grapples with this moment, I call it, "the precipice of the present". I don't pretend to answer any questions but I try to interpret this common state through print, paint, sculpture and performance.

Print ideas

The visual culture of today could not exist without the technologies of printmaking. My work attempts to experiment with lesser known forms of printmaking such as the impression left by a hot iron brand. 

Printmaking is largely miss-understood in a contemporary art context and generally confined to historical processes.

This is my departure point. I see printmaking as potentially the most relevant form of contemporary art, it straddles both traditional and contemporary visual culture. Using a historical knowledge of print and visual production, I acknowledge that printmaking is the origin of our current visual world. All visual technologies derive from the historical processes of printmaking.

Looking towards mass production as a form of printmaking. I primarily produce prints as published pages in popular visual art magazines.

The process of mass produced offset lithography is an updated version of the traditional stone lithograph with this insight I produce my own version of printmaking as mass produced unlimited print editions available at the cost of a magazine.

The aesthetic is text and basic forms, commenting on print and popular culture simultaneously.

I work outside the traditional concepts of unique object exclusivity limited edition and gallery.

My work is an attempt to democratise/inform/play/quote/humour and revitalise printmaking.